Crow Flower

I met Crow Flower (Carmen Morales) in the summer of 2014. I was making a home visit to hold Sacred Space for one of her Soul Sistar's, and she had been called in to this private circle.

We had a very deep healing time that afternoon and by the end of it Crow Flower and I had made a powerful connection. By that time, I had also recognised, witnessed and felt this was a woman of great medicine.  I immediately invited her to sit in the Sacred Sistar Circle and joint Womban & Men Circle I was calling at that time.   Crow Flower dedicated herself to sitting in Circle on New Moon and Full Moon and she did so for two years and she still continues to sit in the New Wave Sistar Circle.

During that time, I had the great privilege to witness a woman that was seriously committed to her own healing and actualisation. I was struck by how natural she was in the ceremonial space, and how earnestly she embraced ritual.   I was always left with a great sense of there being some kind of deep healing power within her, beyond that of which she or I could know at that time. But it was apparent to me that whatever it was, it resonated with the ancient frequencies, it was stirring in her Womb and it was wanting to return.

I noted she had a deep elemental presence in her spirit. I observed the Gypsy presence in her dancing and her drumming. I saw her work hard and dig deep to access

hercelf-healing, hercelf knowledge and her medicine.

But this was not enough for Crow Flower, she was awake, and she was ready for a powerful transformation in hercelf, her life, and her work.  As a result of her relentless pursuit for this transformation, Crow Flower was embraced within Crow Academy in December 2016.

Crow Flower has successfully completed 2 years of Crow Academy - Pathways to Your Personal Authentic Medicine.  And she currently sits in the 3rd year of Crow Academy perusing her Commencement.

She is the recipient of the following Modalities

through Little Crow’s Lodge:

Mastress Celestial Crystal Healer & Mastress Etheric Healer

Spiritual Healer through the Lineage of Rachel Rose Little Crow

The Rites of The Salt Priestess

Sacred Rose Atonements

During her time in Crow Academy Crow Flower has birthed, developed and evolved:

Original Light Flower Essence Soul Elixir & Kinesá Krystal Therapy

It is my absolute honour to Introduce you to, Recommend and Confirm:




As Crow Flowers Atia (mirror/mentor/Guide) I have had the privilege to be her trusted Sistar-friend. As such I have walked with her through this wave of evolution and transformation in her personal and professional life.  I can tell you that she is Kind, Courageous, Brilliant & True. With an incredible sense of humour. She demonstrates a passion for Womb Empowerment, Healing & Transformation.  She can navigate multidimensional & Holistic Healing. She's definitely a Cosmic Sistar, but she is also a deep Earth Keeper and has a very special and unique relationship with the Elemental.  

As her Atia I have also been a recipient of her medicine and her teachings, her love and her wisdom.  Crow Flower has personally assisted me in the resolution of past life attachments by retrieving the information and providing the work to clear, recover, retrieve and reclaim mycelf from a timeline dispute. The results of this work provided the resource for me to move on from circumstances that were literally stopping me. And it assisted me greatly in cleaning up and moving on in this area of my life.


I have also been the lead test subject for the Original Light Flower Essences Soul Elixir.  This is an advanced Revelatory Transformation System.  What Crow Flower is able to provide in this Elixir is an access within Celf that causes a dynamic inter Soul communication.  The result of which can manifest in a deep integration, grounding and composure of the Empathic Nature.

Finally, I have such a great love and admiration for this Womban and her work. It is totally inspirational to witness the awakening of this amazing New Wave Medicine Womban.​

This is a new beginning for Crow Flower, and believe me it is only a beginning. She has so much to offer in terms of New Wave Sacred Feminine and Empathic Modalities.  I will be hostessing Crow Flower here at thirdgenerationhealer.com as part of the Commencement Services of

Crow Academy the Learning & Development Gateway of Little Crow’s Lodge. 

All questions and enquiries about her services go to her please on


Bristol, UK

Crow Flower

(Carmen Morales )


New Wave Medicine Womban

Carmen Morales

New Wave Medicine Womban

Commenced to Serve the New Wave of Feminine Empowerment

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