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Rachel Rose Litte Crow

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About Liquid Ankh Oils


I have worked with essential oils for many years. I've found essential oil to be a great asset in the healing room. Essential Oils have always proven to be supportive in maintaining a safe space for healing work.



 I've blended and blessed oils in the way of encouraging sacred natural living and healing for myself and for others. As a result of seeking the purest high vibrational oils, I've travelled to many places in the world to connect with artisan distillers.  It's been a big piece of education I have carved out for myself.



But it all really began for me with my Mother.  My Mother always had a bottle of Olive Oil, Olbas Oil (Peppermint, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Clove and Juniper), and Peppermint Oil.  Olive Oil was used for prayer healing.  Where certain areas of the recipient would be anointed with this Olive Oil that Mother had blessed.  The Olbas Oil was used for everything from Sinus, bronchial, headache, aching limbs and muscles.  Mother would also use the Olbas Oil to stabilize and ground from the trance state.  The Peppermint Oil was the go-to for any digestive issues, one drop down in boiling hot water usually did the job.



When I met Doterra a couple of years ago I spent a lot of time researching the ethics of this company, just as I would do with any provider, I was thinking of working with.  Through the support and encouragement of my dear sister-friend Tonya Hountingwolf I began to tap into Doterra's vision and found I could easily align myself with it.



 I am a hypersensitive Womban with a deeply empathic nature. My challenges like many people, come through depression anxiety/panic and agoraphobia.  At times I've had to stay inside and there are many environments that I will not go into, as I know the field impose itself on me and my emotional self-determination, slowly and negatively impacted. I was going through one of these deep challenges when Tonya called to inform me that there would be a Doterra presentation in my area and she invited me to go along.



 On that day my panic alert began to notify me in the Elevator on our way up to attend the Doterra event.  When we stepped into the foyer of the floor where the Doterra presentation was being hosted.  I saw that we were walking into the centre of the building.  When we arrived in the room my observations concerned me greatly there were no windows, therefore no natural light, and no open doorways to the outside.  In fact, the room was lit in what was for me in the worst possible way.  The ceiling of this room was illuminated through incandescent light and fluorescent lighting. An Empaths LIVING NIGHTMARE.



 I knew then I would only have a short period of time before my emotional self-determination would be greatly compromised. So, I focused in immediately to pick up the information from the presentation I stayed as long as I could.



 Eventually, I had to get up and make my way outside.  I wanted to stabilize as quickly as possible not wanting to miss any of the speakers.  I got myself reasonably shifted and went back in only to arrive back at my seat to receive a sample of oil that was being passed around the room. It was Black Spruce; I took a couple of drops rubbed into my hands and anchored very deeply.  After a couple of minutes, I felt the shift. The only way I could describe it is, it was if a shield came over and around me.  In that bubble, I was able to stabilize emotionally reclaiming my emotional self-determination. I literally could not believe it was happening.



So, I did a deeper test and allowed myself to stay as the event was closing, and many of the attendees were leaving. Normally I would be the first one out the door, but I sat watching everyone feeling very well, well-grounded and very much myself. I became a wellness advocate that evening.



 So, that was it for me. A life-changing experience with Doterra's Black Spruce which has turned out to be an Essential oil for me.  Since then I've been evolving my life and my practice with these high frequencies, and truly natural plant medicine. Keys to resonate living.  I'm focusing on emotional healing and heart freedom as a way of facilitating high vibrational healing.



The pure nature of Doterra oils thrills me.  The energetic relationship with this plant wisdom is truly wonderful.  I have had such a wonderful time getting to know these oils.  Blending and Blessing with the help of my Mator Tonya Hountingwolf and her extensive knowledge and experience with Doterra.  As well as the beloved Sistars in Crow Academy that have all volunteered themselves for trials of all my Sacred Blends and Sacred Scents

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In addition, I myself have been using these oils for my own mental, emotional and physical healing.  Ingesting the right oils and anchoring and blending for holistic wellness and empathic composure. I have been exploring and discovering, and its proving to be such a deeply loving and joyful journey.  Through this journey, Liquid Ankh Oils has been birthed and we are slowly beginning to serve and facilitate.  I highly recommend Doterra on all levels organizationally, ethically scientifically and purposely. 

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