Ma Drum Ma

A 6-month ceremonial drum journey 

march 8th 2022 - august 8th 2022



222 Drumma's in planetary prayer

lioness gate 8.8.2022


Prepare the Womb, Soul, Spirit, Heart & Body for Planetary Prayer Service 

Lioness Gate 8.8.2022


Evolving Personal Healing & Connection through the sharing of a simple system of

Crow Beats and Ancient Rhythms that shape the Ceremonial Space and power up personal and planetary Prayer & Drum work


This is for you if you wish to:

Elevate relationship with the spirit of the drum

Discover your indigenous ancient rhythms.

 deepen personal evolution & transformation.

Prepare your Presence, Your Prayer & Your Drum for Planetary Service.

Access multiple realms and multiple directions

Work with Ancestral, Elemental,

Celestial, terrestrial frequencies.

embody feminine archetypes of

the priestess & Goddess,

connect into Ancient

Drum, song & Prayer Lines.


Ceremonial holding and ritual facilitation,

 Deepen personal practice and

enrich the meaning of work.

Mission and service.

Who is A Ceremonial

Drum MA?

6-month ceremonial drum journey

march 8th 2022 - august 8th 2022

Somewhere within her, she remembers a time when the drum in her hand and the rhythm of her womb, wove together to bring the songs of beauty, prayer and blessing from her heart.

She remembers the sacred circle.

The levels of a ceremonial Drum MA are diverse.

She can be a Womban of deep sacred life, always touching her spirituality. She may see her celf as a priestess or goddess Womban. A Healer Womban. An Oracle Womban, or the witch womban. she may already be working with the collectives and retrieved her medicine or she may be in the earlier waves of her awakening and evolution. She may just have a deep desire for a drum. Or even simply want to know more as her curiosity has been stirred.

she hears the call to the circle to bring forward and bring through the planetary prayer, she desires to work on behalf of herself and the entire hu family and all the queendoms upon this earth star mother.

She can capture the Vision of a Sacred Circle of

 Empowered and Grounded Drum MA’s. Seeking elevation for their Drums and Evolution for their Beings. Laughing, dancing, singing, healing,



She can see that from a Circle of Ceremonial Drum MA’s she could go forward and hold this Ceremonial Space for hercelf, her family, and her communities.  Bringing her joy with every beat of her heart and every beat of her drum.

And now when she drums and sings, she heals and evolves. And blossoming from her soul is a rose outpouring her desire to share this beauty with others.

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My first instrument was my voice.

My second instrument was the tambourine.

With my voice, I learned the chant, tone, and melody.

With my Tambourine, I learned the rhythm.

I grew up in the charismatic African Caribbean spiritual movement.  

This movement began to flourish in the late 1940's early 1950's in Britain within the newly forming African Caribbean Community in England.

 At a very young age, I learned to sing and play the tambourine amongst big strong African Caribbean spiritual powerhouses mostly Womban.

When my foremothers sang and played the tambourine, they opened portals of healing accessed dimensions of prophecy through which people were raised up healed and liberated.

I played a 16-inch deerskin drum for the first time in 2001.

I will never forget the feeling as I naturally began to beat out the rhythms ingrained in me from my youth. The combination of these rhythms and the medicine of that drum gave me powerful access into myself to such a degree that I have walked, healed and evolved

with the Drum ever since.

I fully acknowledge the healing power of the drum, as well as its power to bring about personal and planetary evolution.

As such I would consider it a great blessing to share

the beats, rhythms, and energy with you.

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