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Ma Drum Ma

Circle of SacreD Ceremonial DruMMa's

Circling Now


Ma Drum Ma

Is a Sacred Feminine Development Ceremonial Drumming Circle.

Evolving Personal Healing & Connection. Through the sharing of a simple system of Crow Beats and Ancient Ceremonial Rhythms that shape Ceremonial Space.

Elevate relationship with the spirit of the drum

Discover ancient rhythms that deepen personal evolution

Access multiple realms and multiple directions

Ancestral, Elemental, Celestial, Goddess, Angelic, Spiritual, Sacred, Metaphysical

Shamanic, Etheric Temples, Earthen Vortex, Creatrix Matrix, Ancient Drum and Prayer Lines.


Ceremonial holding and ritual facilitation, Personal transformation and personal authority

Mission and service, Deepen personal practice and enrich meaning work.





Who is A Ceremonial

Drum MA?

"A Drum Ma is a Womban that carries a drum on her path,

A Womban who loves to Drum,

A Womban who has experienced the Power of her Drum"

Somewhere within her, she remembers a time when the drum in her hand and the rhythm her womb, wove together to bring the songs of beauty, prayer and blessing from her heart.

She remembers the sacred circle.

The levels of a ceremonial Drum MA are diverse. She can be a Womban of deep sacred life, always touching her spirituality. She may see her celf as a Shamanic Womban. A Healer Womban. An Oracle Womban. She may just have a deep desire for a drum. Or even simply want to know more as her curiosity has been stirred.

And now when she drums and sings, she heals and evolves. And blossoming from her soul is a rose outpouring her desire to share this beauty with others.

She can capture the Vision of a Sacred Circle of

 Empowered and Grounded Drum MA’s. Seeking elevation for their Drums and Evolution for of their Beings. Laughing, dancing, singing, healing,



She can see that from a Circle of Ceremonial Drum MA’s she could go forward and hold this Ceremonial Space for hercelf, her family, and her communities. 

Bringing her joy with every beat of her heart and every beat of her drum.

Lets Do it Drum MA's.

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Circle dates, times and venues.

I'm particularly interested in working with groups and am so willing to travel with my Drums and may even travel with Sistars from the Circle that is already sitting.  We would love to share this with you.  Please book a free 20 minute calibration call, to discover how we can Drum together. 


Ceremonial Drum Ma Ma

Little Crow

My first instrument was my voice.

My second instrument was the tambourine.

With my voice, I learned the chant, tone, and melody.

With my Tambourine, I learned the rhythm.

I grew up in the charismatic African Caribbean spiritual movement. 

 This movement began to flourish in the late 1940's early 1950's in Britain within the newly forming African Caribbean Community in England.

At a very young age, I learned to sing and play the tambourine amongst big strong African Caribbean spiritual powerhouses mostly Womban.

When my foremothers sang and played the tambourine, they opened portals of healing accessed dimensions of prophecy through which people were raised up healed and liberated.

I played a 16-inch deerskin drum for the first time in 2001.

I will never forget the feeling as I naturally began to beat out the rhythms ingrained in me from my youth. The combination of these rhythms and the medicine of that drum gave me powerful access into myself to such a degree that I have walked, healed and evolved with the Drum ever since.

I fully acknowledge the healing power of the drum, as well as its power to bring about personal and group evolution. As such I would consider it a great blessing to share the beats, rhythms, and energy with you.

Ma Drum Ma


Frame Drum Played with Beater


All Skin Welcome (Remo’s if it's your only option) 

 Best size frame is 18 inch plus

16 inch is acceptable anything smaller won’t really work as the drum body contact is crucial for this type of drumming.

2 Beaters:

Activating the tonal voices in the drum

 Access expression for prayer & song 

1 big head drum beater fleece or fur

1 small head drum beater leather or suede 

How to Join In

Ma Drum Ma

Bristol Groups:

Are you already a frame drum network?

You could gather your Sister Drum Ma’s with drums that meet the requirements.

Minimum 8 drums maximum of 16 drums.

Special Introductory Offer £33 per Drum Ma (Normally £66)


Groups Outside Bristol:

One day Sacred Ceremonial Drum Ma Circle Workshops outside of Bristol:

If your drum circle is outside of Bristol, there should be a minimum of 10 drums in the circle. Please be prepared to arrange and pay for the venue and my travel expenses. In addition, there would be a per Drum exchange.


Introductory Price Special Offer £66 per Drum Ma (Normally £88 per Drum Ma)

Suitable Venue

The best practice is to drum in nature in a place where we can build a fire.


One on One Sessions

I'm also offering one on one ceremonial positioning and

vibrational medicine healing drum sessions at little crows Lodge in Bristol.

It's a 2-day Private Booking for a Vibrational Medicine Session that consists of


Ceremonial Drum One on One 2 Day Process

One Day Personal Drum Mirroring & Mentoring &  One Day Vibrational Healing £333

With Sacred Oracle Reading £444

Both Days run from 11 am - 5 pm

Sign up for updates on One Day Ceremonial Drum Ma Circle Workshops. 

I may be coming to your area soon.

Or to talk about the possibilities of us Drumming & Healing together 


"I felt the drum more, understood it more connected to it more. I learnt how to work with the fire element and with the sacred smudge.

Over the 4 days of drumming, I feel more accomplished, empowered and healed. I've come away with a deeper understanding of the Drum, the healing and the ceremony"

Crow Flower (Carmen Morales)

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