Rachel Rose..

New Wave Ceremonialist


Ata Bei

Ancestral Womb Circle

Sacred Healing Ceremony

Clearing the Mother Lines

For the Healing and Unification of All Womban

“The consciousness of Ata Bei Demonstrates that the Womb is the Portal of all Life. 

Ata Bei the Great Mother is both Indigenous and Cosmic. 

A Primal Ancient Feminine Frequency calling for the

healing, unification and empowerment  of all Womban”

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I am deeply Compelled to call this Ancestral Womb Sacred Healing Circle.

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Healing the Womb, Harmonizing the Womban

There is nothing more powerful than Womban gathering to Heal Ourcelfs, Each Other and Our Planet . As We have always done, as We do now, and as We will always do. To make a time where We Consciously enter a Sacred Space, to Honour, Heal, Restore and Renew Our Wombs the portal of all life that WE are.

For far to long so many of us have sat in silence carrying the trauma, guilt, shame and brokenness that is the result of the harsh realities and events of our individual and collective life experience.  We live in a state of Womb Suppression, Repression, and Oppression. Living away from the center of Celf. Sat on the keg of the torrid ocean of our own inner emotional world.  We sit here with wounded Wombs suffering the scares of miscarriage, abortion, rape, early childhood sexualisation, patriarchal domination and toxic eating and living AND SO MUCH MORE.

Our Womb is Our own Personal Universe, the Womb is CONSCIOUS and it has bore witness to, records and stores everything that we live through. As such the Womb can become stagnant and lethargic burdened with blocked energy.





Ata Bei

Ancestral Womb Circle

Sacred Healing Ceremony

This Resonance Supports Emotional Well-Being and Celf Harmonisation with the Power of Our Own Internal Solar Force and the Life Sustaining Power of  Our WOMB The Sacred Key of Life.

“The consciousness of Ata Bei Demonstrates that the Womb is the Portal of all Life. Ata Bei the Great Mother is both Indigenous and Cosmic. 

A Primordial Ancient Feminine Frequency calling for the

healing, unification and empowerment  of all Womban”

In HR Great Presence we are introduced to Ourcelf through the singing and the drumming we call HR forward from the Earth, from the Trees, from the Mystic Waters of our WOMB.  SHE is WE and WE are SHE

In the Ata Bei Ancestral Womb Sacred Healing Circle, we have an opportunity to greet and meet each other Womban to Womban.  Here is where we can share in the healing of our shared experience at the same time reaching to Discover and meeting Our Own Individual Healing needs.

This Frequency is deeply Indigenous transmitting powerful healing for Celf, Circle, and Our Earth Star.

What is Sacred Healing Circle?

 A Sacred Space is a Space that holds whatever intention it is Called In or Formed In.

 In the Case of the Ata Bei Ancestral Womb Sacred Healing Circle.

 The Space is Called & Formed to Facilitate Healing.


A Sacred Space is a Space of learning and Sharing


A Space to Raise Our Individual & Collective Frequencies


A Space to Raise Prayer 

A Space to Affect, Effect and Infect Positively

We are free to be Authentic in this Space

A Sacred Space is a Space that can Hold Our Grief and Suffering

and offer Healing Wisdom that FulFills Our Needs.


A Sacred Space can move A Womban beyond HR own Celf imposed Limitations

and take Down HR Walls if SH allows it to.

A Sacred Space has much to offer You, be prepared to offer something of Yourcelf to the Space.

But most importantly A Sacred Space is only Fully Entered into With an Open Heart and an Open Mind that is Ready to See and RECEIVE the Healing AVAILABLE.

What We Do in Ata Bei

We Are Sacred

This is Sacred it's about You,  

Your relationship with Spirit and Your Ancestors, it’s about Your Connection into the Ancient Wisdom You Possess. This is about Our understanding that as Womban We need a Special Time, A Time for Us. A Time to Come Away to Heal.                      

​It is about Recognising that Without Us Returning to the Sacred Places Within Us.

 We Live and Experience Life from Perspectives that Do Not Hold Our Fullest Potential.

Is Ata Bei for Me?

If You are asking Yourcelf this question.

 It will help if You can feel at peace with everything written here but specifically with what is below. 

Rachel Rose..

New Wave Ceremonialist

 Declaration of Womban ONLY


We create a Sacred Space A Sacred Circle

A Sacred Space is a Space free from doctrines, politics and any kind of ISIM or OlOGY.

Which means Sacred Space is free from Celf judgement and therefore

Judgement of others is also Suspended.


Free to be Authentic and Express the Beauty of Our INNER Womban, Queen and Goddess.

A Sacred Circle is Free from Feelings of Competition, Jealousy and Inferiority.

WE Drum, Sing, Dance, Pray, Speak, Heal, Grieve, WE Burn The Fire, WE DO SO, Until The Healing Happens, Until the Shift Occurs, Until the Breakthrough Dawns, Until the Heart Feels Free, the Body, Relaxed, the Emotions Cleansed and Until WE Touch Our Power, Until the Mouth, the Heart and The WOMB Opens to Once Again Bless All Life.

WE Remember Our Ancestors

WE Dress in WHITE if you wish

WE Bring Our Drums and Percussion

Food , Flowers, Candles, Pictures of Our Ancestors, Incense, Water & Firewood

Benefits of Ata Bei

Rejuvenate Your Internal Queendom

Activate Your Feminine Healing Power

Re-Balance & Harmonise

Heal and Reclaim Your Womb

Restore Your Heart


Release the Pressure 

Support Your Emotional Healing & Grief

Clear the Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Create Energetic Shifts

Illuminate Your Being




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Ata Bei

Ancestral Womb Sacred Healing Circle

Clearing the Mother Lines

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