Engaging with the Profound

Purifying Nature of Celestial Selenite.

With an Intention to bring clearing and healing in the Etheric Body.


Crystal Medicine

Once of my deepest desires is to share the healing power of this great Crystal.


I invite you to sample what may be possible for you here with the Celestial Selenite Crystal Healing.  The only thing required of you is to be open and want the change and healing that is offered here. 

Please take some time to call me so we may connect and you can then decide for yourself.

If you've been looking for something new and are interested in healing yourself,

SELENITE could help you.

  I'd like the opportunity to share this crystalline healing system with you. 


Then you can care for yourself and improve the quality of your life. 

If your willing to try then I will try with you.


Rachel Rose

"Overall Selenite treatments helped stem the inevitable feelings of fear and anxiety, panic and the feeling of being trapped within my body and mind, it really did help me to feel less helpless.  The Selenite helped me balance my mind, body, amplified and composed my vitals and aided in the improvement of the over all quality of my life"

Prudence Adler (Lupus Recovery)

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