Clophill Gathering

Saturday 11th of May 2019

MA Drum MA

Sacred Ceremonial Drum Circle Workshop

Arrival and departure times to be confirmed

It's a full day of drumming culminating in Sacred Fire Rite.

Circle Workshop Flow


Morning Movement


Stretch, Crouch, Shake, Ground and Throne

Drum & Drum Beater Check

Sacred Smudge Rite preparing Drum and Drum Beater for Ceremonial Sharing

Learn the Crow Beats

Crow Beats Practice

Song Sharing

Song Practice

Personal Healing and Evolution - Learn Celf Heal Crow Beats

Quiet time for preparation of prayer offerings for Sacred Fire Rite

Drum Ma's, we are on a half-moon the sacred fire can facilitate both prayers of release and prayers of planting

Sunset Movement


Sacred Ceremonial Fire Rite


Please bring your own food and drink.

 We would welcome donations of sage for the

Ceremonial Sage Basket and Wood.

Groups Outside Bristol:

One day Sacred Ceremonial Drum Ma Circle Workshops outside of Bristol:

A minimum of 10 drumsasy.

Introductory Price Special Offer £66 per Drum Ma (Normally £88 per Drum Ma)

If you have questions its easy to speak with me just book a FREE 20 Minute Calibration Call.  Click the link below,

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