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To Whom it May Concern:

Crow Flower (Carmen Morales) has completed 2 years of Crow Academy. 

Crow Academy is the Learning & Development Gate within Little Crows Lodge.

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Crow Academy has facilitated a Transformational Sacred Curriculum designed to provide guidance, healing, and Inner Education. Where By Crow Flower could actively and consciously engage in a process of self-healing and reclamation.

Through which she has personally empowered herself to access and Rise up her own Personal Authentic Medicine of her own Cellular Memory.

Through this process she has developed and evolved this learning, weaving it into her previous knowledge and practice base.

This has evolved new services that can authentically hold and support others in their quest for this kind of Reclamation and Feminine Empowerment.  

For she has walked this path herself. 

Therefore: I Rachel Rose Little Crow as Atia (mirror/mentor/Guide) in all good conscience do CONFIRM that I personally witnessed and facilitated this process with Crow Flower (Carmen Morales) and as her Atia I also verify that she is of great personal morality and integrity.

She is of sound judgement and carries the responsibilities of

a Spiritual Healer with true commitment and compassion.

I also announce that in May 2019 Crow Flower will pass through the Final Rites and Oaths for Commencement as a New Wave Medicine Womban. 

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Rachel Rose Little Crow

Grounder Little Crow’s Lodge, Lead Atia Crow Academy

H. Priestess - Sacred Rose Temple

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Carmen Morales

New Wave Medicine Womban

Commenced to Serve the New Wave of Feminine Empowerment

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