"I Am Returning Forward Again Through A Lineage of

Naturally Spiritual Sacred Womban Demonstrating

Spectra of Spiritual Gifting"




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1908 - 1981

It all begins with my Grandmother Bishop Christine Agatha Walsh. The daughter of a black Maroon Womban my Great Grand Mother and a white  Scottish/Irish plantation owners son. His name was Mr Tyson, and apparently, he had many, many children. As a child, my Grand Mother went to church with her Mother and Grand Mother. My Grand-Mother was a LARGE Womban. A Spiritual Power House. People called her MaMa.

My Grandmother was at the heart of her community. She had a fierce pure love about her and wanted to heal the suffering of her people.  She would walk miles and miles, she would walk right out of her shoes, to go tell somebody the “Good News"  My GrandMother was the first Womban Ordained as a Bishop in this particular religion on the Island of Jamaica.

My Grandmother had a passion for Womban and children. In her lifetime she built 6 churches some of them with her own hands, but she architected all of them.  The story goes she would hear from the Lord where she needed to go.  No matter what she would arrive at that place.  She would stand under the largest tree she could find and start singing and playing her tambourine.  Before you knew it the children in the area would gather around her and she would make them laugh and teach them songs.  Shortly after their Mothers would follow and things would simply grow from there.

Christine Agatha Walsh was a Womban having to deal with the misogyny within the church organization.  So much so she took on the pen name Sister Believer and she penned a pamphlet entitled “Men Why Do Ye Troubled The Woman.  Leave Us Alone”  in which she tells the men to back off and stop disrespecting the Holy Womban wanting to do God’s work. I absolutely love her courage, her conviction and her passion for people’s souls. 

It is recorded in her autobiography put together from her own journals, that she would lay her hands-on people, anoint them with blessed olive oil and they would be healed.  She fed & clothed people and built a community. So much so that She would become the Founding Mother of an International Organization. Having raised my Mother for service and having mentored key Brothers that would assume the role of the Founding Fathers of the Church Organization in England.

My Grandmother has been a profound example of the Pioneer, Frontline Womban and a great inspiration and guide for my life.


 Bethel United International 


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1956 - 2016

My Mother was taken to Service and prayer meetings by my Grand Mother. My Mother grew up seeing the mission in full flow and all the struggles my Grand Mother handled raising 8 children, 6 churches, the men in the church and my Grand Father.  All of this so she could answer the relentless call of service on her life. 

​My Mother was a nurse and a seamstress, She was an amazing gardener her flower Garden & her Rose Garden were particularly beautiful.  She named me Rose.  She exhibited the gifts within her Mother Line: Hands-on Healing, Oracle, Inspired Speaker Channel, Prophetess.  She led all Womban Spiritual Healing Retreats. she helped Womban, hurt Womban, abandoned Womban, Womban told her their secrets, particularly around domestic abuse & violence. she was a Pastor / Priestess. My Mother was known for her spiritual sight and for the healing virtue that flowed through her.

By the time Mother got to England and married my father and began this Ministry, she soon found hercelf in a very similar situation to her Mother.  Gathering the Womban into empowerment, navigating gender power relationships with male-dominated leadership.   My Mother was a nurse and a seamstress, she was an amazing gardener her flower Garden & her Rose Garden were particularly beautiful.  My Mother exhibited the gifts within her Mother Line: Hands-on Healing, Oracle, Inspired Speaker Channel, Prophetess. 


My Mother led all Womban Spiritual Healing Retreats, she helped Womban, hurt Womban, abandoned Womban, Womban told her their secrets, particularly around domestic abuse & violence. My Mother was a Pastor / Priestess She was known for her spiritual sight and for the healing virtue that flowed through HR.  While the Patriarchs of the church organization, travelled the world preaching, my Mother was left to nurture and continue to build the church community in England. 


My Mother with the help of a small but dedicated army raised churches all over the South West of England including Gloucester, Cardiff, Trowbridge, and Swindon.  Yet it was not until her 80th year and just a few months before she died, that she was officially ordained as the Pastor of the church organization her Mother Grounded, to which she was the rightful Heiress.




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1967 - PRESENT

I was born into the Jamaican Apostolic Pentecostal, Charismatic Church Movement that was birthed all over England and Wales in the 1950s. 


By what was then a group of young men and women all of which immigrated to England from the West Indies and in my case specifically the Island of Jamaica. 


My mother and father were amongst this group of inspired, anointed and determined young people.  These people carried with them in their spirits, on boats just like the Empire Windrush the indigenous, spiritual and religious legacy of colonialism and slavery on the island of Jamaica.  

I was Ministered, Mentored, & Mothered By Many Womban. Many Womban have held up their Mirrors for me.  They Were Teaching Womban, Preaching Womban, Praying Womban, Fasting Womban, Anointed Womban.


Womban That Read Signs & Symbols, Womban That Read Energy & Spirit, Tent Womban, Land Womban, Water Womban, Etheric Fire Womban, Womban That Spoke In Tongues.  Pastoral Womban, Womban of Vision, Virtue & Valor, Womban With Inherit Leadership, Front Line Womban, Pioneer Womban, Generous Womban, Grateful Womban, Praising & Worshiping Womban.

You may have heard of my people the hand-clapping, dancing, loud music, holy rolling, speaking in tongues, receiving the Holy Ghost, baptism in Jesus name, praising, worshipping folk.  People of faith, People that believed and expected miracles, miracles of healing, miracles of deliverance and miracles of prosperity.

My Spiritual Roots are in this movement. It was a hybrid a mix of the remnant of deep African Spirituality. The vast energy of the Pocomania spirituality a weave of Ancestral Worship, Revivalism and Spirit Possession. The spirit of the Maroon People (Freedom Fighters, Rebels, Liberators) the indigenous spirit of the first peoples on those Islands, the Great African Stone Age Engineers, the Arawak, Carib and the Taino. And the Christian doctrine of the Salvation of Jesus Christ. A Pentecostal Fire.


Boats like the Empire Windrush also brought the Visionaries, Activists, Rebels, Spiritual Warriors, Prophets and Priestesses. Womban and Men of deep indigenous Medicine and Great Spiritual Power.

These attributes came forward within our joyful culture (family structure, food, music, clothing, religious and spiritual expression), Through the forwarding of Our Culture, the Mighty Ancestral Spirit began to rise and show the Roots Doctor, the Obeah Womban and Kumina Priestess, Great Orators and Poets, Teachers and Philosophers, Powerful Musical Prophets, and  Spiritual Leaders.

The oral history I received through the preaching, and testimonies of my elders highlighted a consistent theme it reflected sharply that it was not only the Social and economic environment in England impossible to navigate. But it was made totally clear that the religious community in England had no intention of including difference.

The Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 was a classic statement of what was happening in Bristol at this time.  And in the background of social activism, spiritual activism was at play. They told stories of how they would go to churches and they were turned away time and time again. 

It was a contradiction, a display of the fact that the patriarchal Christian movement in England largely the descendants of plantation owners, slave owners and those in control of the Church of England and the Catholic Church; those that in fact took and imposed this doctrine on the Islands, were not interested in embracing the people who they now saw as ex-colonial's and decedents of slaves.  

Given that the situation in Bristol was as it was, there was only one thing that could be done and that was to establish their Own Churches,  build communities of worship that held their own cultural presence.

And on and on it went multiple cells of ceremony, ritual, prayer, fasting, singing, healing, praising, organizing together and often living together until resources expanded. Until there was a national and international organization. The dynamic here between the genders was sharp and the power relationship totally obvious, in their own minds the men were the boss, the founding fathers.  But the Womban insistence for their own leadership had a profound lineage to call it into being.  My Mother-daughter of the Founding Mother of this organization.   And so, it was the Womban meeting began, Mother at the Helm.

I am the youngest of 4 children born to my parents. Having chosen this family for my entrance to this particular life cycle.  I had chosen a fast track to spiritual living and experience. My parents pastored churches for over 50 years and it was their expectation that every single one of their children would be put into service to their mission.

My earliest memories are of my mother taking me to all Womban prayer meetings where I would be surrounded by women singing, dancing, praying, toning, healing, meditating and playing the tambourine, and speaking in tongues.  I was raised by many of these Womban, and the resonance of years of sitting with them and their desire to love, support, heal and honour themselves, and each other has covered me all of my life.

At the age of  3, I was put in the custody of my Uncle Gladstone Henry Lewis and my Aunt Hyacinth Lewis who were great friends of my parents and my first mentors.  I was placed with them as my Father had left for mission in Africa and my Mother was left to run the home church and a developing district of churches.

She, Hyacinth Lewis was a prayer and fasting warrioress. She was the one that put me on the path of sacredism and spiritual preparation.  I started fasting and channel praying at age 5.  He,  Gladstone Henry Lewis my beloved Uncle and Spiritual Father was the one that guided through my first song. I sang for the first time in front of a packed church. Only 3 years old, I already knew what was expected of me and I gave them what they wanted. They stood me on a chair in front of the pulpit, gave me the microphone and I sang "this little light of mine" and they all called out "sing Ra Ra, sing" My mother told me she was so proud they all went wild with applause and hallelujahs. The offering plates went round and an offering was raised to hear me sing it again. I was a hit and thus my fate was sealed. 

From that day on I was in training. The training consisted of my parents and my mentors showing me how to prepare myself so that when I sang I became a vassal for the Holy Spirit to bring through its dynamic healing power and clearing movement.  They raised me up with rituals Holy Communion, foot washing, tarrying for the Holy Spirit. And the preparation of the soul for service through prayer and fasting. I was constantly told to allow the Holy Spirit to move through me. “Let the Holy Ghost fill you with the power Ra Ra”  This was my life for the first 24 years of my life. From a very early age, I was having out of body experiences, and dynamic cosmic events. Making contact with Vast Beings, Higher Orders, Healing Streams, Song and Prayerlines.

This was a culture and a life style.  A culture of sacradism and a life style that developes and raises