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I was born in Jerez De La Fontera, in the countryside of Spain.  My people are from the Gypsey Nation, my ancestors were travellers and mystics.  I come from natural people.  As a child I spent most of my time on the land with the herbs, flowers and trees.


  My Grandmother was a Salt Priestess of the old order.  I was just a little girl when I can recall my Grandmother blending and mixing the SALT for healing baths for hercelf and her family. She also seasoned our food with the natural rock salt which she often mixed with the rosemary herb.


I was about 4 years old when my Grandmother began to show me the way with the herbs and the salt.  I remember my Grandmother could predict the weather with the salt.  She would show me the wet and clumpy salt and soon after the rain would come. 


 I have a great love and respect for the cleansing power of SALT.  After the birth of my first child, I felt totally inspired to create a natural and healthy lifestyle for my baby.  I began blending and using the SALT to deal with any of the infantile dilemas. By the time I had my second child my knowledge had grown and the salts once again became part of my everyday life as a Mother, Healer and Womban. 

For years I have gifted my SALT mixtures to my friends and family.   

A vast amount of my development and transformation has been about clearing up my Ancestral Lineage in order to retrieve the Medicine within me.  I have had the opportunity under the guidance of Atia Little Crow to birth, develop and evolve aspects of mycelf that have alway been within me.  But it is the SALT Lineage within my Mother Line, that has provided me with my greatest healing. 


From the first day of Crow Academy Little Crow began to open my understanding and guide me as I learnt to navigate the Ancestral Realms.  The Pathway of the Salt Priestess opened up as I healed and resolved the issues in my Ancestral Lines, particularly my Mother Lines.   Through the Ancient Feminine Curriculum that Little Crow Transmits in Crow Academy, I learnt the Ancient Kemetic Science of the SALTS and the Medicine of the Salt Priestess came alive in me.  It finally all made sense. 


At times, I did not think it was possible because I was all to aware of the deep malady in my Ancestral situation. But under the guidance and healing  of  Little Crow, I have learnt to work humbly and carefully in the Ancestral Realms, diligently raising the Ancestral Etheric Bridge Technology that can provide powerful Ancestral Healing. 


 Crow Academy has been an incredible part of my life journey.  It is through the work of Rachel Rose Little Crow and the Ancient Feminine Sacred Curriculum. That the internal and external environment for this kind of medicine development can happen. And it is through the many Pioneer Medicine Womban in this New Wave that this Sacred Ancient Feminine Paths can return. 

I am currently working with Natural Rock Salt & Pink Himalayan Salt

Aromatherapy Oils & Natural Herbs

 I believe the SALTS do what they have been blended to do.

I give my truest prayer and greatest intention to this work.

I'm deeply excited about the Salt Priestess Services. 

I'm excited to offer them to you. 

Thank you for reading.

With Love

Crow Flower

Salt Priestess Services

Clearing Ancestral Imprint

Healing The Mother Lines

Healing The Father Lines

Activating the Ancestral Peace Matrix


   Peace Matrix  

It appears that the need to give honour and acknowledgement, clearing and healing in the ancestral realm is so pertinent at this time.

As we evolve as a Hu family the pressure to release ancestral imprints and programming intensifies.

Whether we believe it or not ancestral patterns can be identified quite specifically in our behaviour, relationships, health, finances, creativity, productivity, work and career.


It's quite simple if you cannot move forward and resolve into solutions that in enhance and evolve your life.  It may be time to work with the Ancestral Realms.

I invite you to give me a call so that we may discuss your ancestral healing needs.

It is my duty as a  SALT Priestess to provide you the means by which you can develop your ancestral healing for yourcelf.  If you book with me I will give my full attention to your situation. and I will give the assistance where I can.  However, ultimately, there must come a time where there is no middle person. 

Just you and your Ancestors.

The SALTS are such a resource.

 The salt bath is the time for you to work directly with your ancestors,

All you have to do is run yourself a hot bath and put the SALTS in. 

 Soak, Meditate, Heal, Restore and complete the Ancestral Healing.  

The SALTS are a fundamental part of the Ancestral Peace Matrix and blended according to your specific frequency indicators, towards the oils and preparation.

Ancestral Peace Matrix

3 hr session

144 Pounds

SALT included

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