Ancient Feminine Scripture

Sacred Oracle Medicine Current Codex 



these are the days of our rising the cycles of our returning, seasons of grounding into our true nature.  a conscious collective evolution arriving. redemption of natural hu technologies, emancipation and embodiment of personal cosmic algorithms. revelations into the power of emotions, freedom from personal static, composure and utilisation of the empathic nature.  the regaining of empathic artistry which is an expression of multidimensional reality. everything present is congruently birthing new ancient earth star harmonics. unearthing embodied wisdom for natural living. reassessing collective telepathic communication lines, remembering plant-based reality, shaping natural economics, evolving autonomous village matrix, rediscovering sovereignty and autonomy. emerging conscious carbon, crystalline awakening.

thoroughly exposing and unveiling all deception, separative, oppressive, repressive and suppressive ideologies of systematic dumb down of the hu family. tumbling all kingships, regimes, dynasties, technocratments. including the irreparable disruption of the satellite umbrella, and religious strongholds. thereby surpassing 5G technologies of any description. 5G is for the extermination of all-natural, energetic, etheric, spiritual, sacred cycles of life death and rebirth. Ashe


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