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Remember a time, a time when We gathered, a time when Our Womb was in a deep place of honour.

A time when Our blood was sacred.  This was the time of the WOMBAN meaning the Womb and everything that came forth from that Womb, that was all things, everything.  

The Gathering of the Womban to the circle is as old as time. As Womban we have always gathered to sing, pray, talk and nurture each other. We gathered so we may pass on the ancient Womban mystery and the stories of our lineage.  To witness each other's lives, and to share our Wisdom and truth.

We would come together in our birthing and we would come together in our grieving.  We came together to share our compassion, healing, and our listening.  Our courage and inspiration and continue to build connection.  We came to the circle to learn how to take responsibility for our own personal living, healing and growth.

What we discovered is that together we could give ourselves permission to not only be vulnerable, transparent and openly display our truth, but also exhibit our inherent feminine power, through raising our frequencies with drumming, singing, movement, prayer, and ritual. Holding powerful intentions for individual and collective healing.  The circle has become a way for us to deal with the high demands upon our lives. An antidote to depression and anxiety, physical and emotional pain, isolation and fatigue and the place we would go to find peace and reconciliation.   The circle of womban is an experience that crosses the breadth of culture, religion and spirituality. The Circle is in essence Ancient Feminine Culture.

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