Freedom Codes.2.

Blue Rose Transmission

The Primordial Chronicles A Conception of Little Crow's Lodge

MA Transmission

Gathering the Roses of Our Ancestral Mothers

The Ancient Ancestral Rose Blooms a new as we Honour Our Ancestral Mothers. Her subtle fragrance inspires the reminiscence of the

Priestess, Empress, Ancient Oracle, Plant & Herb Womban,

Spiritual Doula and so much more. 


What are the Elements and Essences within you that carry the Frequency of the Ancient Primordial Mother?  This is not direct personal Mother Lineage work, but of course, it will come up, so we will be honouring and acknowledging Our Mothers that have gone on as a

means of gaining access to the higher principals. 


 This is about who you are and how We all are rooted

in the Archetypes of the Great GrandMothers.

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