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Welcome to HET HERU @ thirdgenerationhealer.com

                                                  Beloved Sistar,                                                            I am deeply compelled to call the African Womban Healing Circle.  If you're interested

in sitting in this circle please keep scrolling and read everything on this page.

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 It would be an honour to sit with you in 

HET HERU African Womb Sacred Healing Circle.

Het Heru

About Het Heru

For Womban who hold the African Womb and Ancient Melanin Reality of OUR ORIGINAL POWER AND GLORY.

Our Ancient Feminine Spirit is Highly Sensitive and Perceptive and the WOMB We Hold is Deeply Empathic.

We are Composed of such Power that we can pick up on Healing Frequencies and Connect to the Resonance of Our Ancient Hrstory. All of this Living within Us Awaiting Us.                                                                                                   

Is the Spirit stirring and inspiring You to go Deeper to Find More Meaning?    Do you still Hear the Voices of Your Fore Mothers, Your Grand Mother and Your Mother who have crossed the veil? Do You want to access Your Gifts and Your Passion? Do You want to Manifest a Life that is Your Own Personal and Intimate Act of Artistry and Creation?

The Ancient African Kemetic Goddess HET HERU is a Powerful Symbol for the Regeneration and Re-consecration or Feminine Spiritual Empowerment, 

Healing and Reclamation.

Het Heru

This Resonance Supports Emotional Well-Being and Celf Harmonisation with the Power of Our Own Internal Solar Force and the Life Sustaining Power of  Our WOMB The Sacred Key of Life.

The consciousness of HET HERU demonstrates that All Womban are Healers and that this undeniable truth has woven civilisation. It has Maintained the Forbearance of Our People and Carried Our Oral Hrstory and Remembrance.

In the HET HERU African Womb Sacred Healing Circle, we have an opportunity to greet and meat each other Womban to Womban, Queen to Queen.

Here is where we can share in the healing of our shared experience at the same time reaching to Discover and meeting

Our Own Individual Healing needs.

What is Sacred Circle?



A Sacred Space is a Space distinguished from other Spaces.


It is a Space where focus can be given to the Spiritual rather than the Material.


A Sacred Space is a Space for the Soul rather than the Secular.

A Sacred Space is a Confidential Space what is Here STAYS Here Between Us.

This is the Space where we can Express Ourcelfs in a True Reflection.


In this Sacred Space We Raise Our Pure African Indigenous Ancient Feminine Womb Spirituality and Power.

 A Sacred Space is a Space that holds whatever intention it is Called In or Formed In.

 In the Case of the Het Heru African Womb Sacred Healing Circle. 

The Space is Called & Formed to Facilitate Healing.


A Sacred Space is a Space of learning and Sharing


A Space to Raise Our Individual & Collective Frequencies


A Space to Raise Prayer 

A Space to Affect, Effect and Infect Positively

We are free to be Authentic in this Space


let us remember

let us gather

We Are Sacred 

This is Sacred it's about You,  

Your relationship with Spirit and Your Ancestors, it’s about Your Connection into the Ancient Wisdom You Possess.

This is about Our understanding that as Womban We need a Special Time,                         A Time for Us. A Time to Come Away to Heal,                      

It is about Recognising that Without Us Returning to the Sacred Places Within Us, We Live and Experience Life from Perspectives that Do Not Hold Our Fullest Potential.

Melanin Womban Awaken to Your Empowered Spirit and the Ancient Melanin Super Technology that flows in Your Blood, that which is encoded in Your DNA.


If You are asking Yourcelf this question.

 It will help if You can feel at peace with everything written here but specifically with what is below. 

Rachel Rose..

Third Generation Healer

 Declaration of Womban ONLY


We create a Sacred Space A Sacred Circle

A Sacred Space is a Space free from doctrines, politics and any kind of ISIM or OLOGY.

Which means Sacred Space is free from Celf judgement and therefore Judgement of others is also Suspended.


Free to be Authentic and Express the Beauty of Our INNER Womban, Queen and Goddess.

A Sacred Circle is Free from Feelings of Competition Jealousy and Inferiority and Offers a Throne for Each Queen Within it.

A Sacred Space is a Space that can Hold Our Grief and Suffering and offer Healing Wisdom that FulFills Our Needs.


A Sacred Space can move A Womban beyond HR own Celf imposed Limitations and take Down HR Walls if SH allows it to.

A Sacred Space has much to offer You, be prepared to offer something of Yourcelf to the Space.

But most importantly A Sacred Space is only Fully Entered into With an Open Heart and an Open Mind that is Ready to See and RECEIVE the Healing AVAILABLE.


WE Drum, Sing, Dance, Pray, Speak, Heal, Grieve, WE Burn The Fire, WE DO SO, Until The Healing Happens, Until the Shift Occurs, Until the Breakthrough Dawns, Until the Heart Feels Free, the Body, Relaxed, the Emotions Cleansed and Until WE Touch Our Power, Until the Mouth, the Heart and The WOMB Opens to Once Again Bless All Life.

WE Remember Our Ancestors

WE Dress in Yellow if you wish

WE Bring Our Drums and Percussion

Food , Flowers, Candles, Pictures of Our Ancestors, Incense, Water & Firewood



  • Rejuvenate Your Internal Queendom

  • Activate Your Feminine Healing Power

  • Re-Balance & Harmonise


  • Heal and Reclaim Your Womb

  • Restore Your Heart


  • Release the Pressure 


  • Support Your Emotional Healing & Grief

  • Clear the Anxiety, Stress & Depression

  • Create Energetic Shifts

  • Illuminate Your Being


Het Heru



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Het Heru African Womb Healing Circle

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ALL My Love

Rachel Rose

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