Sacred Womb Healing Ceremonial Circle

Melanin Dual Lineage Sistars



Dive Into Your Melanated WOMB Reality

Raise to Your African Spirit

To Lite to be Black to Dark to be White.

Belonging Everywhere but Nowhere.

Are you Wanting to Dive into your African Womb Reality?

Do you wish to Bring Harmony to your Internal State?

Are you needing to recover from the wounds of abandonment and rejection?

And the constant wear and tear of the

“What Are You” Interrogation?

Do You Desire to Reach into your African Roots?

Then this Circle is for YOU.


The principal of Maat Demonstrates

all things can be Harmonised and Brought into Cosmic and Personal Balance.

Maat is the first principle.

She is the first daughter.

 It is her Scale that Provides the Composure of the Dualistic Expression of the ALL.

 Maat clearly declares that there is nothing that cannot be brought to

Justice, Balance & Harmony.

Ancestral Healing

Offering Peace to Your Dual Lineage

Bring Purpose to Your Duality

Healing the Wounds of Forbidden Identity

Raising Your African Spirit

Harmonise Your Existence

Unify You're Being

Enter Heart Centred Truth

Balance Your Mind

Find Your Internal Communal State

Make Bonds of Sistarhood & Community

Circle of MAAT 

The Circle of MAAT is a 7-month process.

For Dual Lineage Womban ONLY

There are two elements to this process.



Monthly Sacred Ceremonial Womb Healing Circle: We will use the libation as a way to access the ancestral realm for information, communication and healing. These ceremonies have been Scheduled for second-quarter half-moon in the middle of the month.

ALL DAY EVENT(12 pm - until we close the Circle) 

Monthly One-on-One:

A monthly face-to-face meeting for personal healing and womb reclamation and evolution.  These sessions will correlate with each ceremony the Sacred Oracle Medicine and the Shenetics (Sacred Sound) to move and support you through this process. Your Time, Your Space, Your Transformation

ALL DAY EVENT (11am - 6pm)



£222 per month


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Small Group Work 4 Maximum

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