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“In all of my lifetimes on earth, I don't believe I've ever met a more powerful and skilful spiritual guide and healer. Rachel Rose instinctively connects with all of the earth's elements as well as the etheric fields.  Her heart for service is immense.  My life and the lives of the community I live and work in have been forever transformed by Rachel Rose's deep healing love and spiritual guidance”

Iris Cora - Transformation Mentor

“I have spent many years winning and losing in achieving self-love.  I have fallen and risen many times within what seems to be endless cycles of becoming.  The impact of starch Christian, patriarchal doctrines on my development as a Womban were harshly dis-empowering. However, the gifts within my Mother Line have evolved and flowered through my journey of getting to know myself, growing to like myself and learning to love myself as a Womban”

Through walking her soul path, she has studied and embraced the connectedness of many spiritual ideas and philosophies, received diverse healing modalities and learned to integrate all of who she is and what she has been given into the vibrational healing Medicine she carries. 

"By undertaking years of deep inner work I have ​engaged my destiny, grounded my medicine, 

confirmed my vision, cultivated my mission"

Just like her Grand Mother and Mother before her Rachel Rose is a Womban that realizes her purpose in being a support and resource for Womban to heal, recover and restore their lives. 

Rachel Rose hails from a lineage of healers, teachers, singers, visionaries, ministry builders and community activists. The first 23 years of her life were spent closeted within the Jamaican, Christian, Charismatic movement, that flourished amongst the African Caribbean Communities throughout England in the 1950s.


“from a very early age, I was encouraged to love spirit and seek to develop spiritual gifts”


From these deep spiritual roots, Rachel Rose left her home and community and went into the world to continue her personal healing journey and to step on the path to understanding herself in the Earth outside of the Community she was raised in.    


"Growing up in the Church gave me powerful roots, venturing out into the world, is what made my upbringing relevant and purposed


As a result of this Rachel Rose has spent the last 33  years in a process of self- healing, self-reclamation, soul evolution and restoration.  She is just one of many Womban finding her way back from the wilderness of sexual abuse, addiction, depression, grief, and loss.