How I Work

In the most fundamental way, I am a gatherer of information. The information I can gather on your behalf is processed and applied in such a way, to bring you clarity and illumination for you to gain new perspectives in your current issues of life.


I use my whole being to channel and transmit healing messages and healing energy to support you to look at the difficulties, issues, blockages and obstacles you may be experiencing and to find answers that may be out of your current view.


I hold a Sacred, Safe, Space that provides complete confidentiality and support for your process with me. This is incredibly important as many times teachings and visions come through that can be deeply personal and revealing.


Throughout the last 33 years, I have undergone training and initiations in which I have sworn to uphold your dignity, privacy and sacredness of the information that I receive on your behalf. This has helped me develop a sacred ethos towards my work.

These oaths are identical to that of a Priestess.

The most important thing I can share with you

about the work of this Lodge is that at its core:

It honors your soul

It honors your choices

it honors your own healing journey

The information comes through primarily to help you towards:


Understanding your own sensitivity and Empathic nature

A deeper awakening within you

Insight into the Bigger Picture of your life

Validate and give purpose to your uniqueness

Open your passion and self-determined action in life

Stimulate self-trust and intuitive knowing of what is right for you

Understand and overcome your fear

Guide you towards heartfelt and livable truth

Lead you into heart forgiveness

Healing issues of the past

Developing a more compassionate self-talk

Illuminating areas where there can be greater accountability

 and self-responsibility

Embracing and developing your gifts

Freedom from the burden of guilt and shame



Wherever you are on your path,

 especially if you are in the deeper places of your emotional and spiritual healing.  It would be an honour to hold a Sacred, Healing,  Confidential and Powerful SPACE for You.

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