My Work

I call myself a healer because I have

and I am healing myself.

I am a firm believer that everything that you need to know lies within you.

As I know and believe your healing is within you. 

My work is to support and assist you to take the inner journey to your own healing

Look, it's not easy when you have unrelenting questions about yourself your purpose. When the whys of your life feel unexplained and you struggle to make sense of it all. Especially when underneath you feel urges and inspirations that would suggest there is something greater, more to you and more to your life. 

My work is to access the information you may be struggling to receive yourself.


What I've understood from doing this inner work is that if you can't love yourself. You’re never going to truly be yourself. 

My work is to help you release the inherent healing within you.

When we are unaware of how sensitive we are, it often fills us with confusion, doubt, and fear of the many levels of our being.  In times of personal conscious shifts and powerful spiritual elevations, there can be much confusion.  In my experience, at times it is totally natural for you to not know "what the hell is going on" 

My work is to support you in gaining clarity.

For many Womban, this patriarchal construct has dis-empowered us in a critical way.  The early childhood trauma and the oppression and suppression of the Feminine show up in us as low self-esteem, lack of value and a constant doubt regarding our abilities, usefulness, possibilities and our truth.  I believe all Womban are healers and that Our Womb is the Portal of all life.

My work is to help you consciously identify,

your inherent wisdom and personal calling.

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