Accessing the Mysteries of your Life

Activating Seasons of Growth & Personal Evolution

Do you have questions pertaining

to your calling and your purpose?


Do you wish to feel into the

deeper questions within your body, mind &spirit?


Sacred Oracle Medicine is a process of Divination opening the channels of communication between ourselves and the energies surrounding us.


This medicine works in the Ancient Science of transmission: causing illumination in the areas of life needing to be brought to deeper meaning and healing.


The highest endeavour of the session is to cause shifts in your thinking. To bring about a more heart centred body awareness, in order to enrich your state of being.

Your Time     Your Space    Your Transformation

"The transmission I received from Rachel Rose was incredibly powerful.  In our first session, she helped me connect with elements of my life and ancestral lineage that I couldn’t access on my own.  She spoke to my soul and reminded me of my own power. She affirmed and confirmed with potent words and images some of my deepest knowing and this now serves as guidance and as an anchor for my life choices. I really value the power of her presence, her seeing, and her unconditional love. I feel the strength of her support even when I am not with her – and it gives me the courage to keep taking steps towards giving my gifts in this world"

Lara White

I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to offer the Sacred Oracle Medicine Session.


This work has been developing in me over the past 17 years. This is an area of my work that has been consistently shaping and reshaping itself to provide the guidance, support, knowledge, and understanding to help, support, inspire and uplift you. 


As well as supporting you to gain clarity, confirmation, answers, new perceptions and perspectives to bring you through whatever there is that may be concerning or stopping you.


I have a great love and deep respect for the integrity and delivery of this medicine.  This is all about you, your time and your space to hear, feel, gain understanding and transform.  It would be an honor to sit with you. 

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