Drum and Voice Healing Chamber

"Something powerful, inspirational and deeply healing takes place
in the presence of Rachel Rose and Tabernacle. 
The expertise to which she raises vibrations with her drum is often accompanied by the passion of her voice and
I immediately feel transported to a different realm" 
Dawn Baily 2019

About Tabernacle


32 Inch Buffalo Skin

I've had experience with other healing drum treatments, but with Tabernacle and Rachel Rose there is a powerful intelligence present. With the two of them, the work was quick and effective, going right to the heart of the matter. I felt my whole energy field recalibrate. 
There were many visions and I received much-needed grounding. 
Highly recommended.
  Carmen Morales 2019

I consider it a great honour and privilege to walk with this tremendous drum. I have named her Tabernacle as she does provide a Chamber and a Sanctuary, wherein transformational frequencies can be received.

 I bow to the power of Buffalo Medicine, and

to the abundance of healing that is made available.

Tabernacle and I have been serving in the New Wave, New Moon Sistar  Circle.  We have stretched ourcelf here in Sacred Ceremony, in service to this Sistarhood. Providing the clearing and breakthrough songs and rhymes that maintain the Sacred Space.  We have really been put through our paces here and now we are ready to widen our circumference of service.

About Rachel Rose Little Crow

"Tabernacle and Rachel Rose give a new meaning on the power couple"
Marlene Hope 2019

My first instrument was my voice.

My second instrument was the tambourine.

With my voice, I learned the chant, tone, and melody.

With my tambourine, I learned the rhythm.

I grew up in the charismatic African Caribbean spiritual movement. 

 This movement began to flourish in the late 1940's early 1950's in Britain within the newly forming African Caribbean Community in England.

At a very young age, I learned to sing and play the tambourine amongst

big strong African Caribbean spiritual powerhouses mostly Womban.

As I overstand it now, when my foremothers sang and played the tambourine, they opened portals of healing accessed dimensions of prophecy through which people were healed, raised up, liberated and delivered.

I played a 16-inch deerskin drum for the first time in 2001. I will never forget the feeling as I naturally began to beat out the rhythms ingrained in me from my youth. The combination of these rhythms and the medicine of that drum gave me powerful access into myself to such a degree that I have walked, healed and evolved with the Drum ever since.

I fully acknowledge the healing power of the drum,

as well as its power to bring about personal and group evolution. 

I Get It From My Grand Mother

"Rachel Rose's voice is pure angelic power,I was so gripped by the melodies she sang for me, I was moved really beyond anything I've heard before.  When Rachel Rose explained that the healing song that came through was specifically for me, I understood why it was so effective"
Nina - Bristol - September 2019

My Grandmother Bishop Christine Agatha Walsh was a singer, songwriter and tambourine player.  On the Island of Jamaica, she was well known for the power she had in her music to inspire others towards their spirituality. Growing up my mother would share with me stories about my Grand Mothers power.  These stories became a way for me to understand mycelf and gave me a foundation of service.


My love of singing was rooted in me at the age of 3 when I gave my first solo to the church congregation my parents pastored. Since that time my journey with my voice has led me down the pathway of many

musical genres and traditions.

But the spirit of my voice made itself known to me at the lowest points of my life journey. When all that was left inside of me was sound. At those times the moaning and groaning the weeping and the Crying were transformed into frequencies and melodies.  These melodic vibrations would not only soothe my Pain and release my grief, but I found that altogether I would emerge shifted, joyful, far more positive and connected.

I've worked with chanting and toning within Sacred Ceremony for many years. However once Tabernacle came into my life, I found she became a chamber for my voice, an enhancer, and an amplifier.

For me, there is nothing better than singing with Tabernacle.

I do hope to have the opportunity to sing and drum for you.

 I would be honoured to share these frequencies with you.


Etheric Purification

Obliterate Karmic Overlays

Dissolve Etheric Cords & Tendrils

Stimulation of Cellular Matrix

Resolution of all Frequency Crisis


Time for Concentrated Celf Care, Journeying & Relaxation


Reduction of Pain

Freedom from Mental Fog

Relief of Inner Emotional Conflict

Alignment of Psychic Body

Clarity in Heart Intelligence

Total Body Energy Shift

Restoration of Joy and Optimism


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in Bristol very soon. 

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