What a beautiful Soul Sister Rachel Rose is! A powerful empath who is so connected to our history as Women and our connection to the natural world. Her teachings are powerful and truthful. Not a day has passed since the retreat where I have not thought of this beautiful Woman. She has woken a part of me that will never sleep again. Every Woman should be given the opportunity to spend time with Rachel Rose.

Jamie Linegar

Aurora Dove/Dawn Baily

Transform in Nature Retreat March 2020

“There are no words for me to express the gratitude of my connection with Rachel Rose and the support and work we have done together, helping me to see with clarity and deeply believe in who truly I am. Rachel is a big portal of information of truth, love and expansion and she will show you unknown ways to your own truth. Being with Rose and the sisters in ceremony brings back to all my body cells the ancient wisdom that is already in them. We are all infinitesimally powerful, and although in this society we keep forgetting about it, the extraordinary work with this sister will support you to heal and reconnect with who you are. Thanks for letting me see”. 

Sofia Samauma 

March 2020

"Thank you so much for all of your help in my journey through this physical life. Working with you has been like a journey through the earth and across cultures of people. You bring such a worldwide effect and a love for all that is connected toward your teachings. People are few that have that impactness in someone's life. I will always remember our work together. To hear you speak is to hear all of my ancestors speak to me. It speaks to my soul. Your words and your abilities to speak to people of all intelligence is remarkable. I was someone that was pretty much an A-type personality, but I allowed myself to try on things you would say to me and was able to open up my world to such an abundance of love, understanding and compassion for people. It was such an amazing transformation. I appreciate how you were able to learn and grow with me, how sword sharpens sword. I hope others will be able to do the same. I cherish our times together"


Thank you for all you do.

Christina Perez Bell

Transformation Coach

"Meeting Rachel Rose was an act of the Divine! I have searched for words to describe this radiant woman, but they seem to pale in comparison.  Rachel Rose’s energy/aura is amazing.  The Goddess truly flows through her, such a remarkable healer, it is one of my greatest pleasures to know her and I call her often for support and guidance.  Truly I am often amazed at how clearly and accurately she can see and hear Spirit.  Rachel Rose is the most amazing reader and healer I know, my soul doctor.  I highly recommend her because my life became better in her presence"

Love you.

Patricia Harris - Natural Chef

"Rachel Rose has assisted me in so many ways that it is difficult to identify which one has been of the most value.  She is an incredible energy healer and worked with me through a very difficult period.  I am thankful to have connected with her.  I believe that anyone can benefit from Rachel’s powerful ability to have clients identify what is needed to assist in their own self-healing journey"

​Love and Light

Denise Irish

Mastress Hypnotist & Founder of Mentalmorphasis

"Rachel Rose has such a gift. To connect to spirit and be a bridge of knowledge, divine guidance and healing. She has supported me through emotional pain, physical pain, trauma, confusion, fear, forgiveness, love, relationships and is even helping me come into my own gifts.  One of my favourite moments and blessings with Rachel Rose was when she gave me an oracle card reading. The room and energy were set for me and she has a beautiful ability to make you feel important and cared for. She has such patience and takes her time with every inch of your reading stopping for reflection when you need giving much time to speak and be heard. I really appreciate this. My reading was incredible, and as usual, was in absolute divine timing and came at a time when I needed it most. It helped me to feel more powerful, to understand myself more deeply, and confirmed a lot that was going on around me and within me to give me peace of mind. The messages in the cards and the messages that come through Rachel Rose, bring such healing and hope and leave me feeling uplifted and inspired leaving a positive imprint in my energy. Alongside the messages, you also receive the beautiful wisdom and guidance from Rachel Rose’s own heart and life experience"

Laura Jane McKeown

Crow Academy 5 Year Recipient

"When I told Rachel Rose at the start of the session that we shared the same middle name she told me that 'to be given the name Rose means that is what you are here to do - to rise' and for the next two hours that is what she helped me do.

Her communication skills are extraordinary, she not only uses beautifully articulated language but the energy she places around her words causes what she says to land not just in your heart but in parts of your soul that you didn't know existed.

It's been almost a month since my session (which was focused on connecting deeper with myself as a woman) and still, the resonance and frequency of her transmission is with me.

In fact, I'm convinced that so many of the messages she gave me were actually universal that I'm already planning another book ... One message, in particular, plays over in my head daily and it is something I believe every woman needs to feel with humility every day ...

'You have a vision of yourself that is total greatness but you dismiss it, thinking the vision is to good to be true. Sister, your greatness is The Truth'

Joanne Rose (June 2017)
Author, I Am A Woman

"Having sat in circle with Rachel for a couple of years now, I have been lucky enough to experience her work in full power. I have been deeply touched by the beauty and transformation that her circles bring.

I have been able to truly drop into the moment, and be transported into the world of music, song, fire and ceremony.

Rachel has a profound gift to share through this work. She is phenomenal at holding a space that feels safe, grounded, powerful and sacred. She has taught me a new way to look at group work and encouraged me to trust in natures ability to transform anything we set our minds to. She is encouraging, friendly, supportive, and inspiring.

To be led in circle by Rachel is a great gift and I would recommend her to anyone. "

Josie Wildgoose

"The transmission I received from Rachel Rose was incredibly powerful. In our first session, she helped me connect with elements of my life and ancestral lineage that I couldn’t access on my own.  She spoke to my soul and reminded me of my own power. She affirmed and confirmed with potent words and images some of my deepest knowing and this now serves as guidance and as an anchor for my life choices.

I really value the power of her presence, her seeing and her unconditional love. I feel the strength of her support even when I am not with her – and it gives me the courage to keep taking steps towards giving my gifts in this world"

Lara White

Kundalini Practitioner