This is a rare opportunity for a weekend of

intensive One on One work.

I'm offering this weekend intensive is a time for in-depth personal healing, renewal, and restoration. An opportunity to focus on yourself and to be compassionately and truthfully held in order for you to dive deeper into the inner journey.


These vibrational medicine sessions can be a time of deep discovery, unveiling, revealing and healing. It's a time where you can give yourself permission to put yourself as the priority in your life.


A time to get honest with yourself and really see what's true for you, what works for you and what doesn't work for you. What is to be kept what is to be released, and take a deeper look at what may be stopping you.  This is an opportunity to engage deeper in your life, in your work, in your relationships, and in the world.



In these sessions, we work in a deeply intuitive and sacred space. We simply will move with what's in the space.  



Is this for you?

One on one weekend intensive for:


For Energy Healing practitioners

  • Are you seeking ways to develop your practice?

  • Are there areas or your practice that are not clear for you?

  • Do you feel blocked or stagnant?

  • Do you have questions/concerns pertaining to your presence

  • Do you have questions/concerns regarding how you work

  • Do you have questions about what or who may be working with you?

For those seeking:


Intensive one on one work

Inner Journey Development 

For Deep divers

  • Do you need to grieve?

  • Do you need to tune up and tune in? 

  • Do you need to pay attention to your emotional and spiritual self?

  • Is your mind, body & spirit crying out for some healing?


These are all areas I can assist you with.




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